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What is Hyaluronic acid?


Hyaluronic acid is an active ingredient, which has been applied in cosmetics for many years. In the last few years this term has been especially established. Most beauty-oriented people connect hyaluronic acid immediately with anti-ageing.

Hyaluronic acid is a transparent, jelly like substance, which is produced naturally in each body. This liquid is an important part of our connective tissue, from cartilage up to joint fluid.

Why is so good for treatments?

It has got the interesting characteristic that it can store a lot of water. Up to 6 liters per gm. tare weight. From the age of 25 the naturally produced hyaluronic acid decreases slowly. The consequence is that elasticity of the skin declines and little wrinkles become bigger.

Who does not want to accept those signs, gives his skin hyaluronic acid back. With hyaluronic treatments you help nature and ensure even and tight skin.

Side effects

Through mechanical effects of the so-called volumination of the hyaluronic acid substance, skin tissues are pushed together and apart. This can lead to compression of the smaller vessels, which can restrain blood and lymph circulation. Furthermore there could be liquid displacements due to the osmotic characteristics of the hyaluronic acid. This depends on concentration of hyaluronic acid and of the dimension of the treatment.

Normally it takes about 10-14 days until all tissue liquids can flow unhindered. A swelling is mostly just seen by the patient but not by other people.

Knobs, bulges, papules

The filler material (hyaluronic acid) can be felt under the skin. Those congregations are often called knobs or bulges.

In combination with the papules, which are generated by the mechanical injury, those knobs can be seen from some hours up to 4 days. Those regions should be massaged punctually so that those liquid congregations spread. After 4 days such knobs should not be seen anymore, it could just be felt.

Hematomas, so-called blue marks

To keep the side effects of a tissue augmentation or a treatment with hyaluronic acid low, the procedure should be made with few injuries and it also depends on the bleeding time.

If there is a hematoma, rehabilitation will take between 3 and 20 days. It depends on the individual healing process. Taking Arnica D6 or ananas enzymes for several days will help to release hematoma.

Skin discoloration

Red and white discoloration should disappear after about 5 hours after treatment. The translucent blue hyaluronic acid can look through after treatment. Therefore we prefer to make deeper injections and several treatments.

The phenomenon of the blue translucence of a colorless material is called Tyndall-effect (light cone, named from discoverer JOHN TYNDALL). We can withdraw this discoloration.


Hyaluronic acid is an important component of human connective tissue.

The hyaluronic acid that our hyaluronic-experts use is very similar to our natural made hyaluronic acid, as the chemical structure of all animate beings is the same. Therefore allergies can nearly be excluded. In this case we think of a possible antigen reaction and propose a treatment with cortisone.

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While staying in Düsseldorf just for 2 days (crazy working schedule), I had an appointment with another doctor for face and lip fillers. That doctor was running late for more than an hour and I had to cancel. So, while desperately looking for another option I have found Ms. Silvija Bihler. And I am sooooo happy I did. Not only she managed to squeeze me in between her regular clients- she was fully booked - but her work is perfect. Almost no bruising (my lips are always black after the HA injections) and 2 weeks later - perfect cheeks contouring and plump, naturally looking lips. Even though Düsseldorf is not usually on my way - will do the effort to come back to her next year. Highly recommended!
Yelena A
Ich besuche Frau Bihler seit 2 Jahren und bin ab Tag 1 super zufrieden! Eine entspannte und ruhige Praxis mit einer sehr engagierten Assistentin. Beide nehmen sich Zeit und erfüllen meine Wünsche auf eine natürliche Art und Weise. Was My Esthetic Düsseldorf besonders macht, ist nicht nur die Leistung sondern auch das Menschliche und liebevolle ! Bei jeder Behandlung fühle ich mich wie zu Hause! Danke an das wunderbare Team!
Gmz Demr
Ich war bei Frau Bihler bis jetzt 3 mal und bin jedes Mal zufrieden. Sie ist sehr kompetent und sehr freundlich und herzlich. Eine Frau, die Ihr Handwerk versteht. Bis jetzt hatte ich überhaupt keine Probleme nach den Behandlungen und die Ergebnisse sind sehr toll. Und sie ist sehr feinfühlig und macht ihren Job sehr präzise. Ihre Assistentin ist sehr lieb und sehr freundlich. Man geht sehr gerne dorthin. Das Team ist einfach super!
Zzzz ZZzz
Frau Bihler ist sehr professionell und nimmt sich Zeit für die Patienten. Ich bin schon 4 mal bei ihr gewesen und werde es immer wieder tun. Sie erklärt Schritt für Schritt wie sie die Behandlung durchführt. Man fühlst sich sehr wohl in ihren Händen. Ich bin extrem zufrieden mit ihrer Arbeit und kann sie wirklich nur weiterempfehlen. Sie ist einfach die beste. Und sie hat eine sehr liebe und süße Mitarbeiterin.
Gülbahar Karisik
Frau Bihler ist nicht nur sehr kompetent, sondern menschlich auch wunderbar! Ich hab mich selten so gut beraten und behandelt gefühlt... habe wirklich kaum etwas gespürt. Man merkt das sie ihre Arbeit liebt!!! Ganz großes Lob... Ich komme definitiv wieder und nehme auch die Stunde fahrt gerne in Kauf!
Natalia Philipps
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