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17 January 2019| by Silvija

My experience with getting rid of acne

Since I got into puberty, now for more than 20 years later I still deal with the topic of acne. I was only 12 years old when my skin started to become impure. At the time I did not know what to do about it. It burned and itched at the same time. I started to pop blackheads and pimples myself, causing a significant aggravation and scarring since I did not know about the consequences of my actions. At that time I had no choice but to cover my ugly skin with powder to hide the unpleasant look of my face. And all in hope to avert eyes from me.

After a short time, I went to one of the Dermatologists that my mother advised me to go to. He explained to me that only penicillin (One that is directly applied to the skin) can help in this case. It was very disappointing that one young girl and at the same time unexperienced dermatologist took little or no time to examine my skin more closely leaving my skin not fully prepared for the treatment. So there was nothing left for me but to follow instructions and apply this medication daily.

After about 2 months I discontinued from this treatment since my skin is very dry and I couldn’t see any improvement. At that time back then there was no possibility for you to go on the internet and do research on that topic. So I tried with fruit, honey, herbs, and yogurt to help myself. After some time I have put my skin under control.

But, as soon as an aggravation came back I tried again to find out what this could be. Very soon I realized that the diet and our hormones play a major role. I abstained myself from sweet, spicy and greasy food.

Since I’ve always been very active in sports, I drank a lot of water, which is generally important for metabolism. That said acne is a skin disease and the metabolism plays a big role. I came more and more to this conclusion while studying as a complementary physician.

What is acne anyway? Is acne a condition?

Acne is caused by a disease of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands (Hyperkeratosis), which lie as appendages in the dermis, these form comedones, the so-called blackheads. The reinforced production associated with excessive cornification narrow the excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands.

The result occurs with “congestion” of the sebaceous gland secretion leads to the formation of Blackheads and subsequent inflammation with pus formation (pustules, Pimples) because germs can settle in the jammed secretions. Distinguished closed comedones with brightly discolored in the middle, so-called “white heads” of the open comedones, in which the dark point or so-called “black head” can be seen in the middle.

My experience with getting rid of acne

The dark color that can be seen here is not “dirt” but the white skin pigment or oxidized skin lipids (lipids) that got discolored.

Why does acne develop?

One of the main causes of acne development is the increased production of the male sex hormone androgen. In which sebum production in the hair follicles and pimples increases thus the development of this type of acne occurs mainly in puberty. Androgens are rapidly added in this stage of life in Men, as well as Women. You can distinguish different degrees of severity and forms of acne. Among other things, there are different environmental influences as well as the diet that can tangle with androgen production.

In this day and age, it should not be a problem for any more to have absolutely smooth, non-porous, even, and healthy skin. Finally, we will be provided daily with information on innovative acne treatments as well as products that we get bombarded with on the internet. If I take things from my perspective and take a closer look at this sea of offers I always find that it is not as easy as it is pictured.

First of all one thing needs to be questioned: What differences are between a cosmetic care product and a pharmaceutical one. A pharmaceutical product reacts a lot deeper under the skin, leaving a cosmetic product to linger on the surface. I wanted to see the difference for my self so I tested numerous products over the years. From the cheapest drugstore products to the most expensive cosmetics, as well as products from the pharmacy. There were numerous attempts but I was left disappointed at the end.

Result finally came in when I attended a congress in Monte Carlo hosted by a very interesting company name Dermastir. Dermastir develops medical care products. Additionally, I learned a lot more from a friend of IS Clinical. (IS Clinical produces pharmaceutical products for various skin problems)

Since I was very impressed by the presentation of both companies I decided to give them both a try and test their care products that will finally put an end to my skin problems.

I opted for a washing gel from the company Dermastir that has a deep cleaning effect. This decision was followed by a decision to try serum from IS Clinical which regulates the testosterone content under the skin and thus regulating increased sebum production that leads to impurity. The special thing about this product is that it also has that refining skin texture effect and smoothes out small lines and wrinkles.

I use these products in combination with the Microneedling now for almost 12 months and I can say with certainty that I finally see a real opportunity for all people with the big acne problems to finally take care of this unsightly appearance with patience and proper care to manage.

It took so many years, but the fight was worth it. Finally, I am satisfied with a smoother, more beautiful and healthier skin.

Silvija Bihler
Practice Manager

With over 10 years’ experience in beauty and aesthetic, Silvija supports her family-owned business in daily operations. Customer’s experience, natural results, healthy and quality treatments were always her top priority. By supporting My Esthetic blog section, she shares all her experience, with every beauty enthusiastic and with ones who would like to be a part of the beauty world.

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