27 June 2020| by Milica

Crystalline Cortisone vs. Hyaluron for non-surgical nose job

If you’ve been thinking about getting a nose job, you are probably aware of the fact that there are different…

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07 December 2019| by Silvija

Everything You Need to Know When Considering a Non-Surgical Nose Job

Non-surgical nose job or surgical? That’s the question you have probably asked yourself so far if you have ever thought…

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17 January 2019| by Silvija

My experience with getting rid of acne

Since I got into puberty, now for more than 20 years later I still deal with the topic of acne….

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23 August 2018| by Rick

My experiences with a hair transplant

In April 2018, I underwent a hair transplant. I have never got to regret this decision until today, but I’m…

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19 May 2018| by Silvija

What is Microneedling?

There are many ways to even more intensively take care of our skin. Today I would like to go deeper…

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