08 December 2021| by Silvija

Frown Lines: How to minimize the appearance of frown lines

The appearance of the frown lines, also known as furrow lines or 11 lines (11s) can affect your self-esteem and…

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16 April 2021| by Silvija

Chin Augmentation Fillers: Hyaluronic Acid – Expectations vs Reality

Before deciding to do any kind of procedure on your body, first, you need to do your research and completely…

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05 March 2021| by Silvija

Skin Care at Home: Covid pandemic and your skincare

Skincare at home was always an interesting topic, but since the Covid 19 pandemic hit us, it gave a whole…

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15 February 2021| by Silvija

What are the benefits of moisturizing your skin?

Having a good skincare routine is the key to having healthy skin. In order to make your skincare routine effective,…

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04 January 2021| by Silvija

Learn how to treat the 4 major types of wrinkles

If you do not already have wrinkles, you are certainly going to get them at some point in the future….

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