08 December 2021| by Silvija

Frown Lines: How to minimize the appearance of frown lines

The appearance of the frown lines, also known as furrow lines or 11 lines (11s) can affect your self-esteem and…

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19 May 2018| by Silvija

What is Microneedling?

There are many ways to even more intensively take care of our skin. Today I would like to go deeper…

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15 May 2018| by Silvija

Getting older without aging? – part 2

Nurture from the outside Many manufacturers and institutes promote their variety of care products, as well as treatment methods, promising…

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14 March 2018| by Silvija

Getting older without aging?

You certainly caught yourself picturing your perfect future. How you sit happily and holding hands with your partner on the…

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