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Chin Augmentation Fillers: Hyaluronic Acid – Expectations vs Reality

Before deciding to do any kind of procedure on your body, first, you need to do your research and completely understand what you are signing for. Not so rarely, it happens that clients blame their cosmeticians, esthetic surgeons, or even the products they are using, for not achieving the wanted results. In order to avoid conflicts and achieve wanted results, we are going to talk about some of the most common misconceptions, questions, and very wrong expectations that people have when they think about ching augmentation using hyaluronic acid.

Chin augmentation with dermal fillers

Expectations: Chin augmentation is a surgical procedure and you need to go under a knife in order to enhance your chin.

Reality: You could not be more wrong! The non-surgical chin augmentation treatment is very popular amongst ladies who care about their looks. The procedure is done by injecting dermal fillers into the lower jaw with a cannula or a very thin needle. The base of the fillers could be different, but here we are talking about hyaluronic acid fillers. The goal of the procedure is to enhance the chin, give it more volume, and make it look as symmetrical as possible. The size and volume of the chin are important in the world’s beauty standards and it has a strong connection with the appearance of the nose. The augmentation of your chin will not only make your chin bigger, but will also solve issues with wrinkles, fine lines, and folds around your chin.

Hyaluronic acid and how it works

Expectations: Hyaluronic acid is a chemical substance and it is not safe to use acids on the skin.

Reality: Hyaluronic acid is actually a substance that is naturally produced by human bodies. Although almost every cell in our bodies has some amount of hyaluronic acid, it can mostly be found in the skin, connective tissue, and eyes. Its main function is to keep the tissues lubricated and moisturized. Unfortunately, the process of aging makes us reduce the production of it after the age of 25. Fortunately, there is a possibility to inject the additional quantity of hyaluronic into the connective tissues of many different parts of your body and skin. The hyaluronic is the base of most dermal fillers and it works as a stimulant for producing collagen, which gives our skin freshness and volume. Hyaluronic acid fillers are used for many non-surgical procedures such as chin augmentation, nose correction, lip enhancement, dark circles treatment, etc. 

How long does the procedure last?

Expectations: The procedure lasts a long time and you need anesthetics.

Reality: The duration of the intervention actually lasts about 10-20 minutes. Since the intervention is non-surgical and no parts of your skin are being cut, there is absolutely no need to get any anesthetics. You might feel a little uncomfortable because of the needles poking into your skin, but there will not be any serious pain involved. Of course, if you feel the need, you can always request to get some anesthetics if you believe you need them.

Recovery and scarring

Expectations: The recovery is long, painful, and hard. You need to stay at home for at least two weeks after the procedure. 

Reality: The recovery is actually very short and easy. You will be able to go back to your normal daily activities the second you walk out of your cosmetician. Of course, you should take care just a little bit more about what comes in contact with your skin and avoid exposure to UV radiation, but other than that, you have no other limitations. The scarring in a way of redness and swellness might appear after the treatment, but it will go away within the first two weeks and then the real results will appear.

How long do chin fillers last?

Expectations: Chin fillers last forever and the non-surgical chin augmentation with dermal fillers is a permanent solution. 

Reality: If you are looking for a permanent solution, you might want to inform yourself about chin implants and surgical chin augmentation. On the other hand, a non-surgical way of augmenting your chin using chin fillers is a temporary solution, which is its best advantage! The chin fillers can last anywhere between 6 to 12 months, give or take, depending on the type of filler and the skin condition. After a certain amount of time, the fillers break down and the chin returns to its natural shape and form. 

How can I extend the duration of my fillers?

Expectations: You cannot, you have no control over them.

Reality: Although the fillers definitely have some expiration date, you can actually make them last a little longer if you take good care of your skin. If you use the hyaluronic acid filler, be aware that hyaluronic is hydrophilic. That being said, the more you hydrate and moisturize your skin, the longer your fillers will last. Try using the Dermastir Post-Op Invisible Face Mask in order to treat your skin post-op and extend the duration of your fillers!

The cost of hyaluronic acid chin augmentation

Expectations: The hyaluronic acid fillers are very expensive and unaffordable.
Reality: One of the biggest advantages of non-surgical procedures over surgical ones is the cost. Both the material and time needed to perform the injections is far fewer than the whole surgery, so the cost of the non-surgical procedures is far more affordable. The actual price depends on the type of filler and the quantity you need, as well as the clinic you decide to visit. Click here to book an appointment at My Esthetic clinic right now, for the amazing price of 198 euros only!

What if I do not like the results?

Expectations: The procedure is irreversible and you have to wait 6-12 months for the fillers to break down.

Reality: Although the dermal fillers are not permanent anyway and they decompose after 6-12 months, if you are really not satisfied with the results, there is also a way to remove or reduce them immediately. In case a client does not like the results, or something went wrong during the procedure (too many fillers were injected or they were injected incorrectly), the removal or reduction is done with an enzyme called hyaluronidase. The enzyme is being injected into the same area where the fillers are and it helps dissolve the hyaluronic acid from the fillers.


What to expect during the non-surgical chin correction treatment?

The non-surgical chin correction will give you a temporary solution for enhancing your chin. It works by injecting dermal fillers into the lower jaw. It will change the shape and improve the volume of your chin, smooth the wrinkles, creases, and folds. 

What are the side effects of non-surgical chin augmentation?

The possible side effects might be swelling, bruising, redness, and increased fever. The redness and other skin reactions usually go away within 2 weeks after the treatment. There are no dangerous side effects, but make sure you consult with your doctor before doing anything to your body and do the allergy test first. 

How much does it cost to get hyaluronic filler in your chin?

The price depends on the type of filler you choose, the number of fillers you want, and the individual in the clinic you choose. The average price is different for every country, but it approximately costs between 150-1000 euros. 

How many fillers are needed for the chin?

The actual amount depends on the customer and their wishes, but on average it takes 1-2 syringes for non-surgical chin augmentation with fillers.

Which chin filler is the best?

The most favorite chin filler among others is usually “Juvederm voluma”.

How long does a chin augmentation last?

It depends on the type of filler and the condition of the skin, but on average the chin augmentation with dermal fillers lasts between 6 and 12 months. 

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