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07 December 2019| by Silvija

Everything You Need to Know When Considering a Non-Surgical Nose Job

Non-surgical nose job or surgical? That’s the question you have probably asked yourself so far if you have ever thought of getting a nose job. What are the main differences between the non-surgical and traditional rhinoplasty? Which one should I get?

For some people, it can be really scary to go under surgery, recovery and downtime, or at least it might be unpleasant to go in public with bandages on the face. What’s more, the surgical nose job is usually pretty expensive, especially if you are looking for a reputed doctor, like you probably would because who wants to take risks when it comes to their face?

However, the risks exist. There are various potential risks that surgical rhinoplasty brings with itself: poor wound healing, infection, breathing difficulties, changes in skin’s structure, color, even sensation, postoperative deformities, etc. As you may see, like any other operation, this one too comes with high risks.

The main disadvantage is quite limited predictability of the final aesthetic result. Every person is different, many types of tissues are involved, and if we include the individual dynamics of the healing process, you can see why nobody can guarantee operation without any potential complications. Keep in mind that all the complications are not the result of inadequate technique and it’s not always a surgeon’s fault. There are other things that are out of his control, particularly individual reactions of the patients. In this case, a true professional should recognize the complications early enough and deal with them adequately. However, this might require additional surgery or other types of treatment.

If we take into account all the potential risks and inconveniences traditional rhinoplasty includes, we can understand why the non-surgical aspect of the procedure is really compelling. Just a quick few injections and you are done – that’s how plenty of satisfied clients describe their non-surgical nose job experience. Anyway, let’s take a closer look at this type of  procedure and go through everything you need to know when considering a non-surgical nose job.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty: an alternative, effective procedure that provides great results

The key point is that after the non-surgical nose job, it’s still going to be your nose. Nobody will know that you have had anything done since the whole procedure is minimally invasive.

The non-surgical rhinoplasty is also known as the liquid-nose job as certain fillers are used to modify the shape of the nose. The most common are hyaluronic acid fillers. Sometimes they can be used along with a neurotoxin. Rarely, just a neurotoxin can be used.

The whole procedure doesn’t take much time, approximately 15 to 20 minutes. It’s pretty painless with basically no downtime at all, so that patient could normally continue with his daily activities with no trouble at all. One hour after the procedure, you should be able to go back to work.

Are non surgical nose jobs permanent?

One of the common questions is how long does a liquid nose job last. It’s true that this kind of treatment can fix a lot of problems like traditional surgery does, though its results are contemporary. The results are visible as long as the fillers last, which is usually more than a year.

Of course, the fillers dissolve over time. The dissipation is gradual. Some patients notice it earlier, while for some of them the fillers last longer. Once again, it’s totally individual.

One of the benefits of non-permanent results is the possibility to remove them. For example, if you aren’t satisfied with the post-procedural result, you can easily get back to the previous state. There is a special kind of enzyme called hyaluronidase that is able to dissolve hyaluronic acid fillers. Pay attention to the fact that this type of enzyme doesn’t work with non-hyaluronic based fillers.

Can you make your nose thinner with fillers?

The reasons for a nose correction can be various, both aesthetic and functional. However, the non-surgical nose job is recommended for minor aesthetic adjustments. This type of procedure is perfect for modifying the shape of your nose, straightening it up or making the bump less visible.

In addition, the fillers can’t make your nose thinner because they are not intended to reduce the size of larger noses. Their main aim is to create a more symmetrical look and smooth certain irregularities making your nose appear smaller on your face. In other words, your nose will appear more symmetrical, but its size won’t be actually reduced. That brings us to another question – what fillers actually do?

What do nose fillers do?

Some subtle changes will be visible right after the treatments.The fillers can be useful for:

  • Reducing the appearance of nose bumps.
  • Correcting or eliminating dents, indentations or hollowness of patients’ noses.
  • Creating smooth and more symmetric looks.
  • Enhancing a flat nasal bridge.
  • Lifting a drooping nasal tip
  • Straightening hooks and curves

What is nasal tip rotation?

Like we have said above the dermal fillers of non-surgical nose job can be used for lifting a drooping tip of the nose. The person can be born with a drooping nose, or it can appear as a consequence of some previous rhinoplasty. No matter the cause, this can be fixed with fillers.

The term “nasal tip rotation” refers to an upward-lifting of a droopy nose which increases the existing angle between the patient’s upper lip and the edge of his nose. Well-placed injections in the right spots of the tip should be enough to get you your desired shape.

Are nose fillers safe?

Finally, let’s see if nose fillers are safe. The liquid rhinoplasty is becoming more and more popular. Many people are starting to do it, but keep in mind that certain injectors have questionable knowledge and qualifications.

In general, the whole procedure shouldn’t be characterized as high-risk. However, in order to minimize the potential risks, make sure to entrust your face to the right person.

Silvija Bihler
Practice Manager

With over 10 years’ experience in beauty and aesthetic, Silvija supports her family-owned business in daily operations. Customer’s experience, natural results, healthy and quality treatments were always her top priority. By supporting My Esthetic blog section, she shares all her experience, with every beauty enthusiastic and with ones who would like to be a part of the beauty world.

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