Getting older without aging? – part 2

15 May 2018 by Rosa

Nurture from the outside

Many manufacturers and institutes promote their variety of care products, as well as treatment
methods, promising a fresher, smoother, purer and even less wrinkled complexion.
For an appropriate nurturing of our skin through various products (peelings, cleansing lotions, lotions etc.), these products should be adapted to our own complexion, in order to achieve the best possible result.

How can I find the right care for my skin?
First, you should be aware your skin type. Wrongly used care products, e.g. a cleansing lotion for
blemished skin used on dry skin can lead to an additional dehydration of the skin and make your
complexion even worse.

How can do you find out what your skin type is?
You can either let a beautician determine your skin type, or test yourself online on a reliable website.
I, personally, tend to have a very dry and sensitive skin during wintertime.

During the summer, my skin is a combination skin, which is why I need different care products for different seasons.

Why does my skin need another type of care during wintertime?
During wintertime, the skin is irritated by various factors. Low temperatures and the dry air produced by heating cause our largest organ to decrease sebum production and lower its protective function.

Our skin becomes dry, itchy and the emergence of an exzem is facilitated. The contraction of our blood vessels due to low temperatures hinders a sufficient oxygen and nutrient supply.

What should I pay attention to during summertime to take sufficient care of my skin and protect it from aggressive ultraviolet rays?
During the summer, temperatures rise and our skin is exposed to the sun more frequently.
Due to higher temperatures and air humidity we are sweating more and produce more sebum.

This increases the oiliness of our skin during summer. A cornerstone of skin care during summer is the protection from ultraviolet rays.

Why is the protection from ultraviolet rays so important?
The sunlight consists of UVA and UVB rays, which causes our skin to tan. However, these rays can be
a danger to our health. Especially in the Western world, a tanned skin is seen as a status symbol representing a beautiful, healthy skin.

Thus, the artificial sun in tanning studios is an integral part of life in Germany. Many solarium owners using UVA rays promote a „healthy tan“, as these rays were downplayed in comparison with UVB rays for a long time. Customers readily accepted cosmetic skin damage at a higher age in exchange for a steady tan without health risks.


Today we know that UVA rays attack the deep cell layers and increase the risk of getting cancer.
Additionally, the connective tissue is attacked causing our skin to age faster and develop unaesthetic
spots and wrinkles.

UVB rays reach the upper skin layers and attack cells responsible for pigment formation. This, as well, increases the risk of cancer. From a cosmetic and especially medical point of view, it is thus highly recommendable to protect your skin from UV rays every day.

You should bear your UV protection in mind even when the weather is bad. This is not always easy,
even for me myself, as in the course of the daily routine of skin care (which I will refer to later) you
tend to forget about suncream. However, the cosmetic industry found a solution for this problem in offering skin emollients including sunblock.

Even though the range of offered products by various manufacturers is huge, it is not easy to find a
skin emollient with a high sun protection factor that responds to my needs.
Having tested a lot of skin emollients produced by various manufacturers and falling into different
price categories, I found my personal Ferrari among skin emollients 🙂


This moisturizing face cream is my personal favourite, as it fulfills all criteria that are important to

Dermastir Day Cream SPF 30+ is suitable for all skin types and age groups, which seems to be perfect for my dry and sensitive skin. Another advantage is that I don´t have to change my skincare due to my seasonally changing skin type. The same advantage lies in the suitability of Dermastir Day Cream for all age groups, as this aspect made me unsure in the past .. how should I know how old my skin really is and when exactly I should change my skincare according to which age?!

Another plus is the packaging. And I´m not talking about the design, rather the purpose. The vacuum system of the little tin allows for the maintenance of the nurturing ingredients, like the caviar and the sun protection factor.

Except of that, the pleasant odor is an argument for this amazing cream.
I especially like the texture. It soaks in fast and without leaving a sticky layer and despite its lightness,
it is creamy. (not fluid like the most light creams) As my skin is very sensitive, the most convincing argument is the skin compatibility of this amazing cream.

To conclude, it is very difficult to find a day cream that contains a number of nourishing ingredients
and has a high sun protection factor at the same time.

Before discovering the company Dermastir, I tested a number of day creams of a satisfying quality,
which I find great as well, but they contain a maximum sun protection factor of only 20, which I,
personally, find too low.

By Ms. Valenti

Ich heiße Rosa und kann mich als Teil des my esthetic Team seit über einem Jahr in der Beautybranche entfalten. Als bekennende Beauty-Anhängerin und selbsternannter Fitness-Junkie möchte ich gerne mein Hobby mit euch teilen und über meine Recherchen und Erfahrungswerte schreiben.