Getting older without aging?

14 March 2018 by Rosa

You certainly caught yourself picturing your perfect future. How you sit happily and holding hands with your partner on the porch of your house on a summer´s day, while you are watching your grandchildren discovering life.


This image is pure cliché. Nevertheless, there is something nagging at all of us, preventing us to find our peace. I would say that we all share the desire to live a long, healthy, happy and carefree life. To grow older and still look youthful.

Getting older without aging

The decision for leading a healthy life, accompanied by several nice side-effects, is on us, as getting old and looking old do not necessarily go hand in hand nowadays. Except of our genes, it is the daily habits that contribute to how fast and to what extent we age.


Getting old without aging? This is something many people wish for. A lot of scientific research is conducted in order to slow down the aging process. Nevertheless, I believe that we all agree that health is one of the most important factors.


The question is: where are the connections between health and anti-aging, or even a youthful appearance? In my opinion, health is the basis for a young and radiant appearance.


Body, mind and soul form a cycle. If you do not take care of one of them, this will affect the others and you will appear faint, tired and feeble. A healthy body with a healthy mind makes us feel fit and energetic, which will be the impression we make on others as well.


To get there, a healthy lifestyle with as little stress as possible is inevitable. Sports and activity, no alcohol and nicotine, as well as enough sleep accompanied by a healthy, balanced diet are all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. I will deal with these aspects in one of the following posts.

Getting older without aging?

Our biggest organ, the skin, is the mirror of our soul. It clearly reflects how we feel. That´s why our skin needs intensive care. An anti-aging cream will not be enough, though. External and internal care go hand in hand. Those who protect their skin from external influences like free radicals and UV radiation, will keep their youthful complexion a few years longer. Vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants are highly important for cell renewal, they provide protection from the inside. Here are a few of my favorite sources of amino acids, antioxidants and „beauty vitamins“ for our body 😉


Nurturing from the inside is provided by: nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts), flaxseed, oatmeal, almond milk, fish, citrus fruit, butter, bananas, ginger, broccoli, potato, eggs, superfood goji berries, moringa, curcuma, etc.

hazelnuts, walnuts

Biotin has a positive effect on skin, hair and nails


Vitamin E protects body cells through its antioxidant effect


Omega-3 is very popular among athletes, it protects the heart as well as the nervous system, soothes inflammations of the body, decreases the blood sugar level, provides for moisturized and toned skin and hair and much more


Vitamin C renders free radicals harmless, is one of the main contributors to the composition of collagen giving our skin structure and tone and according to researchers, it even helps against acne and dermabrasion

Ich heiße Rosa und kann mich als Teil des my esthetic Team seit über einem Jahr in der Beautybranche entfalten. Als bekennende Beauty-Anhängerin und selbsternannter Fitness-Junkie möchte ich gerne mein Hobby mit euch teilen und über meine Recherchen und Erfahrungswerte schreiben.