23 August 2018| by Rick

My experiences with a hair transplant

In April 2018, I underwent a hair transplant. I have never got to regret this decision until today, but I’m glad I really got informed enough in advance. With such a major intervention there is so much to consider – more than I could think of in the beginning.

Although I’d never had thin hair or any spots on my head, my receding hairline has always bothered me. That’s why I got advice from a total of three clinics specializing in hair transplants. Luckily, I did not accept the first offer. Like almost everywhere, there are also black sheep in the “hair industry” and only at the last clinic I felt really well cared for and advised. Due to a free consultation with the surgeon, I never felt pressure to do anything with her (with whom). In other practices, however, I did not even get to know the doctor personally; I have spoken only with the consultants/salespeople. Those also showed me hairline they did that looked way too unnatural in my eyes.

The good relationship with the last doctor and the pictures of the surgical results convinced me finally and I agreed to a surgery appointment with her. One day before the operation, I shaved the back of my head and the sides to one millimetre. From there, they used the so-called FUE method (Follicular unit extraction). The hair was removed, and transplanted at the front. Since I was only dealing with smaller, hairless areas, so I did not need to have a full bald-cat beforehand.

My surgery was over two days. After an almost ten-hour surgery on the first day, only subtleties were made on the second day. I did not stay overnight so I went straight home. I advise everyone who wants a hair transplant to take seriously their hair condition. I underestimated myself and the extent of the operation despite good advice and education. The many anesthetic injections makes people halv-conscious and the unpleasant procedure itself really goes to the substance.

hair transplant

At the back of the head, the hair is “punched out” (see picture) and then holes are re-engraved in the front (FUE method).

hair transplant
Immediately after the operation

Immediately after the operation, I suffered from severe headaches and circulatory problems. I was told that I would not be able to socialize for about two weeks. I had taken extra three weeks off to stay at home. It was only when I looked in the mirror that I realized why it was necessary. The following days were absolutely exhausting because nothing is more important than the care and aftercare: I was only allowed to sleep on my back and had to make sure that my head does not slip sideways. Showering was absolutely taboo for the first few days. The hair roots had to consolidate first. With wound healing came the crusts, which gradually fell off. To this day, however, I still have to fight with a dry and flaky scalp. I still use a special shampoo while any styling products such as hair gel or hairspray are just a wish for me. A hair transplant is actually a serious procedure that affects me even weeks after the surgery.
Here what should not underestimate:

1 week after surgery: The crusts are slowly falling off.

hair transplant
The back of the head healed piece by piece.

hair transplant

Four weeks after the surgery, I was finally allowed to visit the barber for the first time. It was important that my hairdresser does not pull the hair or put pressure on my head other way.

hair transplant

The back of the head and the sides could finally be shaved again with a hair clipper (6mm in this case). The hair was carefully cut with the scissors and adjusted. To this day, we are in the process of restoring my original haircut. It all takes longer than expected.

Here you can see the so-called donor area still clearly. This area will stay eternally a little bit lighter as the hair removed will never regrow there. Meanwhile, my hair is about 12mm long and no wounds or crusts were seen after two weeks.

With the loss of crusts, however, virtually all new hair falls out again. This is very depressing but completely normal. The doctor told me that you can expect the first new hair to grow only three months after the procedure.

hair transplant
2 months after the operation

The end result will actually only be seen after one year. So I have to wait for a while. But the worst is over and I can already see the first offspring. I am still very cautious, I only tan my hair lukewarm, use a shampoo from the pharmacy and no styling products. I have no pain or other restrictions except for dry scalp.

A hair transplant should never be dismissed as a simple beauty treatment. It is a complex operation that involves a long and hard healing process and can go wrong if you do not get enough information and advice. Those who do not really suffer from their hair condition should not take up so much money and time and undergo a hair transplant. Anyone who chooses to do so should be advised reasonably at various clinics and be aware that he has a strenuous journey ahead of him. If you want to be beautiful, sometimes you have to feel the pain.


My name is Rick and I'm a patient and customer at My Esthetic. I like to share my experience with the hair transplant with others. I hope that this article was helpful to you.

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