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Longer and thicker eyelashes make the eyes look bigger. So, it’s no wonder why they are considered to be a sign of exquisite beauty. Have you ever dreamed of longer eyelashes? As a quick solution, you have probably tried so far eyelash extensions.

At first, the results were great. You had the length you’ve always wanted, but what happened next? The extensions fell out and your lashes left looking even worse than before. Right? That’s usually how the story goes.

On the other hand, the Dermastir Lash – Cliser YP provides an effective long-term solution. Not only it works as a great lash booster, but it works as an elixir nourishing and repairing even damaged lashes after extensions.

Does the Dermastir Lash – Cliser YP really work?

Dermastir Lash – Cliser YP is clinically proven eyelashes growth enhancer. It’s also known as a “new generation lash growth filler serum”. It is its innovative formula that makes it different from the old generation lash serums. It contains peptides, cytokines and other nutrients that not only lengthen but also strengthen your eyelashes.

The Dermastir Lash – Cliser YP is recommended by doctors to patients recovering from hair loss after chemotherapy. Even those who already have eyelash extensions should use the product to reduce the negative effects and to prolong the bond between extensions and real lashes. Clinically tested, both dermatologically and ophthalmologically, this eyelash growth enhancer will give you the lashes you’ve always dreamed about.

How Long Does It Take to See the Results?

Keep in mind that eyelash growth serum doesn’t show the results immediately. It takes time to improve the overall health of your eyelashes and make them grow. The earlier you start, the better.

Just make sure to apply the Dermastir Lash – Cliser YP on a daily basis. You should also be aware of the fact that each body reacts differently to the serum. Some may see the results within a month, while others in a two, three or four.

How to Use It?

The Dermastir Lash – Cliser YP should be used once a day. Clean your face and apply the product directly to the root of upper eyelashes. You have probably heard about peptides used for skincare, but why are they so special? The thing is that peptides when applied topically on the skin cells, send them a signal to produce a healthier foundation and boost the volume of the lashes.

So, in conclusion, if you were thinking of buying an eyelashes serum, you should know that the results won’t be visible over a night. You can always use some of the temporary lash-lengthening options, such as special mascara, false eyelashes, or notorious extensions for immediate results. Anyway, growing naturally thick and dense lashes is definitely the best possible option and it can be achieved with the Dermastir Lash – Cliser YP.

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