Dermastir Luxury Sun Protection SPF 50+ Tinted

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Dermastir Luxury Sun Protection Cream is a nourishing cream with a high sun protection factor that can delay and prevent wrinkles. The prolonged sun protection can prevent or even reverse a sun-damaged skin, especially common signs of photoaging or hyperpigmentation.

The Dermastir Luxury Sun Protection Cream is a key to radiant and impeccable skin. It’s appropriate for different skin types, but Dermastir sun protection SPF 50+ is definitely a must-have for skins prone to pigmentation.

We all know that it’s really important to wear sun cream when outside that will protect you from UV radiation. However, it is highly important to know your skin and choose the right sunscreen for you.

How to Choose the Right Sun Cream?

All in all, choosing the right sunscreen for you is a matter of personal choice. The kind of sunscreen you use may also vary depending on the part of the body you want to protect, but it’s obvious that your face deserves special care.

The right sun cream should always help your skin to remain healthy and beautiful. One of the frequently asked questions when it comes to choosing the right sunscreen is which sun protection factor is better.

Which is better SPF 30 or 50?

When deciding which is the best sun protection cream for you, it’s important to choose the SPF factor which will provide the needed amount of protection for you. The higher the SPF factor, the better protection your sun cream provides to your skin.

There is no sun cream that can protect you 100% from UV rays, but the good news is that cream with high sun protection factor filter around 98% of rays. So what SPF 50 really means?

Let’s take an example. If the sun cream has SPF of 50, it means that only one out of 50 rays is allowed through your skin. If we do a little math, it means that only 2% of the UV rays interact with your skin. In other words, the SPF of 50 provides 98% protection.

So, is SPF 50 better than SPF 30?

At first sight, it may seem so, but here’s the thing. Sun creams with SPF of 30, protect your skin from 29 out of every 30 rays, or as you can see, only 1 in 30 rays interact with your skin. Mathematically, only 3,33% of the rays are allowed through, meaning that SPF 30 gives your skin around 97% protection.

Which is the best sun cream protection?
Dermastir Luxury Sun Protection Cream SPF 50 proves to be among the best sun protection creams, simply because it provides the correct amount of protection your skin needs. It can also prevent wrinkles, other signs of premature aging and sun-induced pigment spots.

As you can see this sun cream is also definitely one of the most effective anti-aging creams and that’s why using it every day should become your habit.

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