Dermastir Post-Op Bio-Cellular Retexturizing Face Mask

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One of the greatest advantages of the Dermastir Post-Op Bio-Cellular Retexturing Mask is the fact that it is organic and natural. Instead of using mechanical manufacturing process for production, this mask is made from the fermentation of microorganisms.

Collagen and hyaluronic in the skin tissue. That’s why Dermastir Post-Op Bio-Cellular Retexturing Mask is highly recommended after the use of botox or dermal fillers. If you’ve had a treatment and you want to maintain the result, this face mask is a must!
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Skincare after Botox or Dermal Fillers

Surgical or non-surgical treatment lately, such as botox, fillers, peeling, lasers? All the signs of aging have magically gone, your skin has become smoother and fresher, and you’ve finally got the look you’ve been hoping for. However, one thing is bothering you. These treatments are just temporary options. What are the best possible results? How to prolong the beneficial effects of the treatment?

Well, there’s only one answer. Do not forget to include the Dermastir Post-Op Bio-Cellular Retexturing Mask in your skincare routine. Keep in mind that the post-op care is equally important as the procedure itself.

Some treatments come with certain side effects like redness, swelling or bruising. Usually, these side effects are highly present during the first few days after the procedure. Dermastir Post-Op Bio-Cellular Retexturizing Facial Mask promotes the healing of the skin by stimulating the absorption of active ingredients and by ensuring a lot of hydration that skin needs after the treatment.

The biotechnological process used for making this facial mask results in the production of skin tissue-like material, capable of stimulating collagen production. The collagen is naturally found in the skin’s tissue and is one of the essential components of botox and dermal fillers. That’s how using the Post-Op Bio-Cellular Retexturizing Mask that stimulates collagen production, you can get enhanced results, tighter, firmer and more flexible skin.


How to Use the Dermastir Post-Op Bio-Cellular Retexturizing Mask?

Like we have said, the healing period has almost the same importance as the procedure. So, be extra gentle with your skin. First of all, be very careful while choosing the right post-op healing method. A lot of skincare products containing different ingredients carry a serious irritation to your skin.

However, since the Post-Op Bio Cellular Retexturizing Face contains natural ingredients that have been fermented, there are no negative side effects, including the most sensitive ones.

Here’s how to use the product:

  1. Remove the outer protective layers to reveal the bio-cellulose mask.
  2. Place the mask on your face. Make sure it adheres to the skin.
  3. Remove it, after 30-45 minutes. Do not wash off the serum.
  4. Proceed normally with your skincare routine.

The proper care after any of the treatments does not contribute to achieving faster healing time, but at the same time ensures long-lasting results of the treatment. Thus, keeping in mind that post-treatment care is also important as well as pre-treatment preparations and finding a reputable medical facility.


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