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07 November 2020| by Silvija

Pros and Cons of Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement

Esthetic surgery has really improved over the last years and is very popular nowadays with a variety of different possible ways to do it and offers. When it comes to chin enhancement, you can do it two ways: surgically and non-surgically. In this blog, we are going to talk about each method, compare them and let you know all about them!

What is a Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement?

Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement is a procedure which helps you augment your chin by using hyaluronic acid. In other words, non-surgical chin augmentation uses injectable dermal fillers to enhance and define the chin in order to balance your facial features. The point of this whole treatment is making your chin as symmetrical as possible. The symmetry of chin, eyes and nose is considered a common beauty standard for all ethnicities and races. The size of your chin will affect the appearance of your nose. If your chin is bigger, the nose looks smaller and vice versa. The results of enhancement will depend on the pre-surgical condition of your chin. Recently, this method of augmentation has become very popular among women of all ages. 

The non-surgical chin augmentation procedure

After the age of 25, women’s natural hyaluronic acid begins to degrade and wrinkles appear. Fortunately, you can get the additional amount you need to keep your skin fresh and toned. The dermal chin fillers are injected into the bones of the lower jaw with a cannula or a needle. Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronan, is the base of the filler and it works as a stimulator for producing collagen, which improves the volume of your chin. In order to get the wanted results, depending on your skin condition, you might need to do the same procedure several times. 

Different types of chin enhancement treatments

As mentioned above, there are two types of chin enhancement treatments. One is surgical, the other one is not. In the next two paragraphs, we are going to take a little further look into both of them.


Surgical Chin Enhancement

Surgical Chin Enhancement is called genioplasty. Genioplasty uses implants to change the appearance of the chin. Implants are usually made of silicone. This surgery requires general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia with sedation. Chin implants are surgically placed around the patient’s existing chin bone. A surgeon needs to make an incision either inside your mouth or directly under the chin. This enables enough space for the chin implant to fit in and give your chin the shape and size you wanted. The surgery lasts for about an hour or two and the results are permanent in most cases.

Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement

On the other hand, Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement does not include a surgical procedure, while still giving you great results! Non-Surgical augmentation uses dermal fillers to get you the chin you have dreamed of and does not require general anaesthesia or sedation, only local anaesthesia! The dermal fillers get injected into the bones of your neck jaw, giving your chin strength, size, shape, fullness, volume… The procedure lasts for about 15-45 minutes. The chin will keep its shape between 6 to 12 months after the treatment and it is a lot more affordable than the surgical procedure.

Chin Fillers as an Alternative to Augmentation

There is no need to go under the knife in order to achieve a certain look. You should always be aware that there are alternatives to almost everything, giving you similar, same or even better results! Chin fillers are an amazing way of making your chin look the way you want it to, without making any cuts on your skin or in your mouth! It is a temporary solution and you can experiment with it! You can try different types of fillers, once the previous one has expired. The fillers work as stimulators for producing collagen, which is very different from putting an implant inside your chin which lasts forever. 

Pros and Cons of Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement Procedure

Surgical Chin Augmentation is Permanent

This fact might be considered both as a pro and a con for both of these parties. The good thing is if you get really good chin surgery with great results. On the other hand, there is a big possibility that you might not like the results after the surgery, even though you spent a lot of money on it! It will last forever! There is no going back!
We can assure you that you won’t have this type of problem with a non-surgical method of enhancement. The results will last up to a year and after that, your chin will go back to its natural form. If you liked the results, you can definitely repeat the treatment when all the effects stop. If you don’t like the results, you can choose some different type of treatment or just leave you chin the way it is!

Surgical Procedure Risk Factors

Before deciding to do any type of surgery, you need to find a great cosmetic surgeon and to trust him! Otherwise, things might not always go as planned. Also, some complications might happen depending on the condition of a patient. 

After the surgery, you must sleep on your back with your chin faced up for at least 1-2 weeks. You must eat only liquid food for a few days. Even if you do follow all the instructions, following complications may occur: infection of your chin or mouth, scarring, a shift in implant position, internal bleeding and all side effects of anaesthesia such as high fever, fatigue, feeling weak… 

Injectable Chin Fillers

Injectable dermal fillers are used to change the shape and form of your chin, in order for it to become harmonized with the rest of your facial features. Dermal chin fillers are injected directly into the bones of your lower jaw, using a very small amount of them and making some very great results! The main part of the dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid, which works as a stimulator for collagen, which gives your chin some volume and freshness! 

Non-Surgical Procedure Risks

Before injecting any type of filler into your chin or any other part, you should make sure you are not allergic to some ingredient in the filler itself because you definitely want to avoid an allergic reaction. Since there is no incision taking place in this process, there are less risks possible to happen. After the non-surgical procedure, you might have some of the minor consequences: numbness of your facial parts, redness and swelling. Yes, that’s it!

Chin correction FAQ
alexander krivitskiy yIitNO2Bgdo unsplash

You have a question before you undergo a non-surgical chin enhancement procedure?

Does chin augmentation improve jawline?

Although you can have a jawline correction itself, non-surgical chin enhancement also gets you some results when it comes to the jawline. By improving the volume of the chin, your whole face gets through some changes, including your jawline. It will get slightly pushed up and be a little sharper and more visible. However, removing extra fat from the neck area will help the improvement of a jawline even more. 

How long do chin fillers last?

Chin fillers can last between a few months and around one year. The actual duration depends on a patient, their skin condition, their age, the type of treatment… The non-surgical chin enhancement is definitely considered a temporary solution for the chin augmentation. 

How much does non-surgical chin enhancement treatment cost?

The price of this kind of treatment is different in every case. First, each professional has their own price for the service he offers. Second, the price depends on how much dosage you need and the type of filler you are using. This intervention is definitely not considered necessary, so your medical insurance does not cover its costs. For further information about the price, you will have to ask some professionals. 

What if I do not like the results?

As mentioned above, the non-surgical chin enhancement is not permanent. That is a huge advantage for this procedure. Simply, if you do not like the results, your chin will go back to its previous form in 6-12 months, depending on the person individually, the type of filler and the amount you got injected into your chin. If you are really not satisfied, there is also a way to remove your fillers with an enzyme called hyaluronidase.


Although both of these methods are very effective, having in mind all the risks, consequences, costs and results, we would definitely recommend the non-surgical chin enhancement over a surgical procedure! It is a way more simple, temporary, less expensive and less dangerous way of getting the results you want! 


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