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Meet our team

Before you put the destiny of your skin in the hands of our experts, it wouldn’t be bad to get to know them better. With more than 10 years of experience in the field, beautification of the skin has always been their mission.

Above all, we should say that My Esthetic is a family-owned business. That’s why we warmly welcome every new member of our big family of satisfied users. Two important names play important roles: Silvija Bihler and Ivan Duheric.

Silvija Bihler

Practice Manager

Silviija Bihler is our practice manager. Professional, knowledgeable and our best Hyaluronic Acid expert, she is responsible for the overall operations, development and success of our complementary medical practice. She started her career in the French Riviera. Many celebrities were her customers, but since My Esthetics value privacy, we can’t reveal who they are. We can just tell you that you’d never tell. Naturalness is the right word to describe Mrs Silvija’s work ethic.

Ivan Duheric


Ivan Duheric, CEO of the clinic, Mme Bihler’s partner and manager for many years, makes sure that everything goes right behind the curtains. Mr Duheric holds a degree in Hospitality and Service Management from American College in Croatia. Expert in management and sales, his main job is to organize promotional activities, but also to ensure that all established standards of continuous quality improvement are met and to provide leadership for the outstanding quality of service.

Saskia Schrooten


Saskia Schrooten is specialised in providing care to patients undergoing reconstructive procedures. An extraordinary level of expertise, a highly personalized approach, and meticulous attention to detail – these are the words to describe her work ethics. She strives to provide the highest quality care to each patient by forming a comfortable and trusting relationship, so you can have the best possible experience while improving your appearance. Saskia thinks that everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident in his/her own skin. Her vocation is to help you achieve this feeling.

Rosa Valenti


With her many years of experience in aesthetics and practice management, Rosa Valenti is your first point of contact in our practice. With her expertise, Ms. Valenti addresses you individually and supports all the way, which brings value with your stay with us. Her talent is to prepare you with the desired information, before your personal appointment in our practice, as well as to address personal wishes and clarify your needs.

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