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Lip augmentation

Sensual lips are a symbol for youthfulness, sensuality and attractiveness and let every woman look very feminine.

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With age the collagen fibers and the liquid of the exterior lip region disappear and the lip contours fade. The volume decreases and the face gets a sad expression. Lip wrinkles occur and the lipstick gets lost.

Lip augmentation is made individually and as client’s desire. It is important that lip augmentation is made slowly so that the lips get a nice lip form. The lip gains volume and size with a natural effect.

Injection of hyaluronic acid always stimulates re-emergence of collagen fibers, so that a unique treatment can achieve a much longer success.

Side effects

Injections can cause extensive hematoma at the puncture. The dimension of the hematoma depends on treatment and the patient’s coagulation parameter. Therefore at least 2 days before such a treatment, blood-thinner (e.g. Aspirin) should not be taken. Furthermore in the first 4 days unevennesse’s and swellings can occur, which will disappear with massaging and spreading.

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