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Mentolabial wrinkles

The wrinkles which go down the lip ends are called mentolabial or marionette wrinkles, but they are also known as „Merkel“ wrinkles.

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With the injection of hyaluronic acid, the mentolabial wrinkles will be stabilized statically.

Injection of hyaluronic acid always stimulates re-emergence of collagen fibers, so that a unique treatment can achieve a much longer success.

Side effects

Injections can cause extensive hematoma at the puncture. The dimension of the hematoma depends on treatment and the patient’s coagulation parameter. Therefore at least 2 days before such a treatment, blood-thinner (e.g. Aspirin) should not be taken. Furthermore in the first 4 days unevennesse’s and swellings can occur, which will disappear with massaging and spreading.

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