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Removing dark circles around the eyes

Dark circles and rims of the eyes let us look very tired and sick. Often they are present since the childhood as a result of thin fat tissue and it is not considered as an illness.

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Over the years the heavy face skin pulls down and stretches the thin skin below the eyes and that’s how the lower border of the eyehole appears. Often this skin is darker or brings out a protrusion through the tear sacs (lacrimal sac), which makes the eye rims look even deeper.

The aim of a treatment is not a health impairment, it is more the optical and esthetics improvement. With the injection of hyaluronic acid we are trying to fill the visible bone edge of the circles around the eyes and thereby modeling a smallest possible changeover between the thin skin below the skin, bone bowing and the thicker face skin.

The filling of dark circles and tear channels is not always easy as the anatomy of every person is different. There should not be too less or too much injection, therefore a check-up after 14 days is necessary to achieve an optimal result.

Side effects

Injections can cause extensive hematoma at the puncture. The dimension of the hematoma depends on treatment and the patient’s coagulation parameter. Therefore at least 2 days before such a treatment, blood-thinner (e.g. Aspirin) should not be taken. Furthermore, in the first 4 days, unevennesse’s and swellings can occur, which will disappear with massaging and spreading.


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